Evolution is God made.

The Bible says that Adam & Eve were both created here on Earth 6,000 years ago. The Quran does not say when Adam & Eve were created, however it says that they were created in Paradise, not on Earth. This is the same Paradise that believers will go to in the afterlife. But believers will not go to that Paradise with these bodies; instead their souls will be mated to different bodies. So when Adam & Eve disobeyed God He expelled them from Paradise down to Earth; but the Quran does not say whether Adam & Eve were physically transported from Paradise to Earth (same body-soul), or whether their souls were put into our bodies or into the bodies of evolved Homo sapiens. (Modern humans are classified as Homo sapiens sapiens, the word "sapiens" twice).

When Adam and Eve were still in Paradise someone on Earth was already shedding blood and causing mischief:

Quran 2:30 And your Lord said to the angels "I will make a successor on Earth", They said "How can You make [a successor] someone who corrupts and sheds blood while we praise and sanctify You?" He said "I know what you don't know."

Adam and Eve were not the first to live on Earth, those Homo sapiens were already living on Earth however they didn't worship God. So God chose Adam and Eve from Paradise to become their successors on Earth.

1400 years ago the Quran said that God is able to recreate humans from their own semen in forms that they are unable to envisage:

(Quran 56.58-62) Do you see your own semen? Do you create it or Do We [Allah] create it? We decreed the death among you and nobody beat Us to alter your form and raise you in forms that you do not perceive. And you have figured out your first form if only you would remember.

Change of form is evolution. Change of form from our own semen is evolution indeed. The Arabic words "Ghair Masbookeen" means nobody beat us to it. Since God is saying that nobody beat Him to evolving man from his own semen this means that evolution is God made (not non-existing as some Muslims claim). There is nothing in the Quran that tells us whether Adam & Eve looked like us or looked like Homo sapiens.

The Quran also says that if God wishes He can make our descendants nonhuman just like our ancestors:

(Quran 6.133) Your Lord, the Rich and Merciful, if He wishes, can discard you and succeed you with "WHATEVER" He wishes; Just like He created you from the seed of another clan.

The Quran specifically uses the word "Whatever" or "What" ("ma" in Arabic ما). This Arabic word "ma" cannot refer to humans; this word is strictly reserved for nonhumans (the Arabic word that does refer to humans is "men من", meaning "who" or "whoever" but it was not used here). 
This verse says that if God wishes He can make our descendants nonhuman just like our ancestors. So our ancestors were nonhuman (Homo sapiens).

In conclusion, God created Adam & Eve in Paradise from clay however He brought them down to Earth to succeed those who didn't worship Him (Homo sapiens).



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